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Government Of Assam Water Resources Assam Water Research and Management Institute Society (AWRMIS)

R & D Activities

In addition to execution of flood management work and collection of hydro meteorological data, AWRMIS comprises of two numbers of divisions comprising Soil Research Division and Hydraulic Research Division to carry out necessary soil investigation and hydraulic model studies for flood and erosion management projects.

Soil laboratory activities includes physical identification of soil samples, grain size analysis, dry and wet sieving, hydrometer, specific gravity, atterberg's consistency, liquid, plastic limit, plastic index, moisture content, wet and dry densities, void, porosity, submerged and saturated densities, unconfined compression test, cohesion, angle of internal friction(0), consolidation parameters, standard proctor compaction test (OMC & MDD), Angle of repose(0) etc.

Hydrologic models are simplified, conceptual representations of a part of the hydrologic, or water, cycle. They are primarily used for hydrologic prediction and for understanding hydrologic processes.